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Client Council

Developing the Client Council Initiative at Better Minds BV

At Better Minds BV, we deeply value the insights and contributions of our clients. Recognizing their pivotal role in shaping our services, we are excited to further develop our Client Council initiative. This council serves as a powerful platform for clients to voice their experiences, concerns, and suggestions directly influencing the continuous improvement of our care delivery.

Client Council's Role and Operations

The Client Council is integral to our mission, facilitating an open dialogue between clients and the Better Minds BV management team. By participating, clients can:

  • Share their experiences and feedback on our services.

  • Suggest improvements and innovations.

  • Be involved in the decision-making processes that affect client care.

Meetings are organized upon request or initiated by the council, offering flexibility and ensuring that discussions are timely and relevant. In addition to in-person meetings, we embrace email and online channels to accommodate the diverse preferences and needs of our clients, making participation accessible and convenient.

Join Our Client Council

At Better Minds BV, your voice matters. We believe that the best way to improve our services and ensure they meet your needs is by listening to you directly. That’s why we’ve established the Client Council — a dedicated forum where your experiences, ideas, and feedback can directly influence the future of our care.


Why Join?

  • Make an Impact: Share your insights and help shape the services we offer.

  • Voice Your Concerns: Let us know what’s working and what can be improved.

  • Stay Informed: Be the first to learn about new initiatives and developments at Better Minds BV.


How to Join?

Interested in making a difference? We invite you to be part of our Client Council. Simply send an email to with the subject "Interest in Client Council", and let us know you’d like to join. Meetings are scheduled based on member availability and can be attended in person or virtually, ensuring you can participate no matter where you are.

Your input is invaluable to us. Join the Client Council and be at the heart of shaping a compassionate and responsive care environment at Better Minds BV.

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