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Costs and Reimbursed Care

Contractual Care & Care Performance Model (ZPM):

Mental health care funding saw shifts starting January 1, 2022. Instead of a complete treatment cost at the end, individual consultations are now billed weekly or monthly. Your care journey involves stages of intake for the diagnostic consultation, and treatment consultations with follow up. Each is a 'care performance' in the ZPM and is evident in your monthly invoice.


Own Risk:

The mandatory deductible for 2024 is €385, implying the first €385 of your psychological care costs are your responsibility. If treatment stretches over the year-end, the deductible applies to both years. We've partnered with several specialist mental health providers. However, the available budgets might differ among insurers.

Regulated Rates:

We adhere to the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) for our service rates. Depending on our agreement with your insurer, charges might vary between 62% to 100% of the total cost. Post consultation, an invoice will either be sent to you or directly to your health insurer.


We are committed to offering accessible mental health care to adults (18+). Our aim is to work in tandem with leading health insurers to provide adequate coverage. Eligibility for reimbursement under the Health Insurance Act requires a recognized psychological disorder, as outlined in the DSM-5. The necessary referral letter confirming this diagnosis is typically provided by your GP or POH GGZ. During the intake, our specialist will confirm the potential for treatment reimbursement.

Please be aware that issues such as work stress, relationship concerns, grief reactions, study problems, or life phase difficulties might not be eligible for insurance coverage. However, supplementary insurance packages might cover these under the "other non-basic package care consultation". Before starting treatment, ensure you consult your insurer about possible reimbursements.

Child and Adolescence - Reimbursed Care Information:

Better Minds is a newly developing mental healthcare provider, and we are committed to completing our agreements as quickly as possible. While we're crafting agreements with local municipalities for youth care reimbursement, we offer services at our standard private consultation rates. The costs are as follows:

  • Individual session youth care (45 minutes): EUR 124,00.

  • Family session (60 minutes): EUR 189,07.

Private Care Without GP Referral:

We understand not everyone might seek a formal referral. Hence, we offer private care without needing a DSM-5 diagnosis or basic insurance coverage.

  • Individual consultation (45 min): EUR 164,17.

  • Partner/family/relationship consultation (60 min): EUR 189,07.


For any financial queries, our dedicated team is here to guide you, ensuring you get quality care. Reach out to our secretariat or your practitioner for assistance.

No Show:

Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge. Cancellations later than this will incur a EUR 65 fee.

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