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General Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction:


These terms and conditions define the standards and practices by which Better Minds B.V. offers its mental healthcare services, adhering strictly to NIP guidelines and our Quality Certificate requirements.

2. Definitions:

  • Provider: Refers to Better Minds B.V. 

  • Client: Any individual or entity obtaining services from the provider.

  • Services: The array of mental health care and related treatments provided.

3. Service Provision:

  • Services are delivered in accordance with NIP standards and are based on evidence-driven practices.

  • Client care will be individualized, stemming from thorough assessments and mutually agreed-upon treatment plans.


4. Professional Competence:

  • All therapists and professionals are registered with the NIP, ensuring adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards.

  • Continuous professional development is pursued to ensure services are aligned with current best practices.


5. Confidentiality:

  • Confidentiality of all client data, both personal and medical, is paramount. Information will not be disclosed without explicit client consent unless mandated by law.

  • All data handling practices are in compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations.


6. Payment Terms:

  • Transparent billing practices will be maintained, with all fees communicated upfront.

  • If payment is overdue, the provider may levy statutory interest, and clients may be informed of collection procedures if necessary.


7. Cancellation Policy:

  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for appointment cancellations. Non-compliance may result in a fee.


8. Liability:

  • Liability for direct damages is restricted to the invoiced amount for the respective session or service.

  • Indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of earnings, are not the responsibility of the provider.


9. Client Rights:

  • Clients have the right to access their records, seek second opinions, and discontinue treatment at any point.

  • Feedback, both positive and critical, is encouraged to enhance the quality of service.


10. Complaints and Redress:

  • Should there be dissatisfaction, clients are urged to communicate directly with the provider.

  • If unresolved, clients may leverage the escalation procedure as dictated by our professional statute, in alignment with NIP guidelines.


11. Amendments:

  • The provider retains the right to amend these terms, notifying clients 30 days prior. Significant alterations will be communicated prominently.


12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

  • These conditions are influenced by Dutch law.

  • Disagreements will be addressed in a competent Dutch court.

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